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Jeff O'Connor

Cell: 570-337-2164

email: bigmachais@gmail.com

The camps are equipped with gas lights, stoves and refrigerators. There are dinner plates, silverware, and other cooking utensils. Sleeping arrangements include both single and double beds, accommodating four to eight persons to a cabin you supply your own pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries, and food.

A spring is located on the shore of the lake which may be used for a water supply.

Guides are available on a reservation basis only.

The best route to travel on your trip to Ashland is to take I-95 north to Smyrna, turn onto route 212, then over to route 11 north to Ashland. Use the Realty Road to reach Big Machias Lake.

Map of Maine

Housekeeping Cabins Rates Per Week


Cabin Rental, Per Person Per Week


Cabin Rental By The Day, Per Person


Moose Fully Guided

Trophy Bull $2500
Cow $2000

Fully Guided Bear Hunt, Per Person


Self Guided Bear Hunt, Per Person


Guide Services, Per Day

Call for Pricing

Bear Tapping/Snaring



All deposits are non-refundable

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